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    TMS Enterprise Knowledge Portal
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    TMS Workflow

Building a reservoir of rich knowledge for growth & continuity

tmsEKP™ enables organizations to create, exchange and manage information across a single business-centric workspace, generating knowledge connectivity within enterprises and between businesses through a user-friendly desktop environment. Highly scalable and easily adaptable, it is capable of bolting together modular solutions to rapidly deliver functionality and interactive capabilities.


Improving productivity and efficiency through a smart blend of knowledge management and efficient communication, tmsEKP™ allows for quick and timely access to critical corporate data at all levels and transforms knowledge to actionable information to help businesses make intelligent decisions.

Key Features

What tmsEKP™ can do for your organization and how it can support your business:

  • Dynamic Content Management System
  • Knowledge Assets and Document Management Capabilities
  • Interactive and Collaborative Communication
  • Project Management
  • Sales Force Automation System
  • Helpdesk and Support

Our Applications

Doing more with less through process management that keeps a rein on costs

tmsWORKFLOW™ is a web-based workflow management system that enables organizations to achieve task completion on time and at reduced costs, through a simple interface. With a skillful integration of structure and system, it equips managers, executives and staff at all levels with tools to manage processes and meet business objectives that are aligned with company strategies and financial targets, thereby maximizing resources and boosting productivity.


  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Improved process control
  • Focus on business needs
  • Business process improvement
  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Lowered Costs

Key Features

  • Workflow Designer

    is a graphical tool that enables the creation of visual process flows of business processes. In order to design the process, participants, activities and business rules are defined based on the organization's business policies and procedures. The design is then deployed directly from the Workflow Designer to the Workflow Engine.

  • Workflow Engine

    is the heart of the system - it executes processes deployed from the Workflow Designer. Supporting the XPDL standard, the Workflow Engine allows for easy integration to external systems by providing a simple HTTP-based API along with Jaya and JavaScript libraries.

  • Workflow Management Console

    • Inbox or Task Manager
    • Form Builder
    • Workflow Monitor
    • User Manager
    • System Settings

Our Applications