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Managed by a team of medical professionals and volunteers, Hospis Malaysia is a charitable organisation that provides palliative care free-of-charge to patients in Klang Valley with life-limiting illnesses such as cancer, AIDS, organ failure or progressive neurological conditions, all with the aim of enhancing their quality of life.


Patients are sent home by their doctors when the hospital concludes that they have done all they can. Homes, however, are not set up with facilities the patients would need to remain comfortable and caregivers are not trained to handle the care of a patient in a home environment. Hospis Malaysia takes care of this issue by sending trained professionals to homes where medical and nursing care is needed.

However, going back and forth between the headquarters and a patient’s home for information and medication is a highly inefficient practice. Information may, of course, sometimes be relayed through telephone, but it also inevitably results in inaccurate reporting, which leads to time wastage when the need for corrections arises.


With this information, we designed and built Hospis Care, an electronic medical record platform that incorporates the patients’ medical history to enable on-the-go diagnosis, medicine dispensation and patient registration, among other features. For maximum flexibility, we optimised the system for online access so that users are able to sign in from any device they wish, as long as it is connected.